Killing Kittens: The Erotic Social Network for Women

killing kittens sex parties london

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What are Killing Kittens sex parties?

Killing Kittens is a world famous movement for sexually liberated women that offers access to hedonistic and exclusive events. A female-centric organisation that was founded by a British woman, the network has been featured in Playboy, Elle, the BBC and Cosmopolitan. But what do they do and how can you get involved?

In this piece, we take a look at exactly what Killing Kittens does, how you can become a member and what you can expect when attending one of their events.

What is Killing Kittens?

Put plainly, Killing Kittens is a members only sex club with a focus on female-friendly encounters. Founded in 2005 by Emma Sayle as a way to empower women in a world of swinging, the network (known as the ‘Kommunity’) was started as a way of connecting people with elite parties organised by the club.

Killing Kittens is now a large social network of liberated women, men and couples who are connected by a shared interest in exclusive and decadent parties. The group now boasts over 100,000 members who use the site to flirt, chat and meet.

The name is based on the popular internet meme created in 2002 that ‘Every time you masturbate…God kills a kitten’.

killing kittens
The popular internet meme which spawned the name of the Killing Kittens sex club. Image via Wikimedia.

What Can You Expect at a Killing Kittens Event?

As female focused events, there are certain rules that must be abided at a KK party, namely:

  • Women are in control. Always. It is a woman’s pleasure which is the ultimate.
  • Men must never approach women.
  • Both men and women must be treated with dignity and respect.
  • Everyone must wear masks
killing kittens masked sex parties
Wearing a mask adds to the sensuous anonymity of a sex party and is a must. Image via Max Pixel.

Parties are usually much heavier on the number of women attending which creates a female positive environment. At some events, the ratio of men to women can be as little as 3:7 but women are always in the majority.

All parties have a different theme or focus with some simply being an evening of socialising and playing. Other parties may have scheduled entertainment such as a burlesque performance or cabaret. When the show is over, people are free to explore the play spaces set up in the venue and share mutually consensual sex, massage or playtime together.

Parties have been described as decadent and sophisticated orgies that exude a safe and respectful atmosphere yet one where almost anything goes. They are usually candlelit to create a soft but erotic atmosphere.

There is no obligation to get naked nor to have sex with anyone at all. Some couples enjoy attending an event to increase their own arousal by being around other people having sex. Of course, the parties attract many single women who want to get involved as well as couples who are experienced lifestyle players.

Venues are chosen for their elegant atmospheres and guests lists are pre-screened. You may not buy tickets on the door and if your name is not on the list you cannot gain entry.

Most events have a cash bar on site though you can expect champagne (and oysters) on arrival.

Types of Killing Kittens Events

There are three main types of events run by Killing Kittens; standard parties, Silver Killing Kittens parties which are geared towards older couples and single women and the Kurious Kittens events.

Kurious Kittens events are ideal for beginners to a liberated and hedonistic way of life and are not focused on the play aspect of a sex party. These events can be workshops, erotic entertainment and minglers. They are good socialising events and allow people who are new to the concept the opportunity to explore the opportunities available.

kurious kittens sex workshops london
Kurious events are a mix of social gatherings and informative workshops. Image via website.

You do not need to be a member to attend a Kurious Kitten event.

Most play events are for couples and single women but single men can attend certain events.

Who Can be a Member of Killing Kittens?

Couples, single men and single women can all apply for membership. Standard memberships are for those under the age of 45 with Silver Kittens being open for the over 45s.

All members are required to go through a strict verification procedure so that the organisers can guarantee the authenticity of all its members.

The club makes no bones about the fact that it only grants membership to attractive people and part of the process of an application is vetting people based on the photos you upload. There is no getting around the process and you need to bring along photo ID to any events that you attend.

How Much Does it Cost to Join Killing Kittens?

All new members must pay a signup fee of £20 in order to create a profile and to use the network. The fee is to verify your age as well as cover administration charges associated with verifying each member.

Access to party information and other areas of the site is then only available to paid up subscribers:

Member Benefits Little Kitten Big Kitten Killer Kitten VIP Kitten
Monthly Cost Free £10 £301 By Invite Only
Annual Cost Free £90 £2702 By Invite Only
Pre-Party Chat Yes Yes Yes Yes
Browse Profiles Limited Full Full Full
Upload Photos No Yes Yes Yes
Forum Access No Yes Yes Yes
Instant Chat No Yes Yes Yes
Messaging No Yes Yes Yes
1 Half Price Party No No Yes Yes
Elite Party Access No No No Yes
10% Discount No No No Yes
Exclusive Offers No No No Yes

1Single females only pay £15 per month.

2Single females only pay £135 per year.

Members must also pay admission fees for each party they attend on a pay and play basis. Entrance fees vary from being free for single ladies to over £100 for couples on special events.

When are Killing Kittens Events Held?

Events are held throughout the year with the main Killing Kittens events in London held on a Friday night each month.

These parties usually start at around 9.30pm.

Times and dates for all events can be found via the Killing Kittens website.

Where are Killing Kittens Events Held?

KK parties are held at secret locations around London, Manchester and Birmingham. They also hold events in New York City, Los Angeles and in Australia.

The club has also organised parties in Europe including Venice, Amsterdam and Dublin.

sex parties london
The original Killing Kittens orgy is held at a private townhouse in London. Image via website.

Venues range from private townhouses to country estates, castles and even super-yachts. The one thing they all have in common is the fact they are all sophisticated spaces arranged for comfort and style. They are discrete and private with only verified members receiving the details of where they are located. This information is only divulged 24-hours prior to the event being held.

All events have security on the door.

Getting in Contact with Killing Kittens

You can find further information on the Killing Kittens Kommunity here:





Featured image via Killing Kittens.